AC WORKS® Wisdom: What "125/250 Volts" Means

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

When looking at our product descriptions, you’ll often notice a “125/250 Volts” for our products with 4 prongs. You are probably wondering “what does this mean?” or “how does this affect what I will be using this adapter for?”

We have the answers for you.

For most 4-prong adapters and even NEMA configurations, there are two hot wires. They are called hot wires because they are the wires used to carry the electricity. When you have two hot wires, you have two sources of 125 volts. If your application for our adapter only requires 125 volts, then only one hot wire will be used. If it requires 250 volts, then both hot wires will be used. Only the necessary voltage will be used by your application and the adapter.

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AC WORKS™ Wisdom

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  • Hello Byron. Yes, it will help power different parts of the trailer. 50A trailers typically have more appliances than 30A trailers. So the extra hot helps to power those.

    Christopher on
  • Trailer , 125/250 50 amp . 2 125 wires 1 ground 1 neutral . so everything in unit is 125 . so with 2 125 hots what does it do power different parts of trailer? Help want to understand this before I plug it in.

    Byron on

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