CarGenerator™ The Basics

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Late last year, an entrepreneur reached out to us because his customers were looking for one more step to bridge the gap between his invention and keeping the power on at home. His invention is CarGenerator™ and it functions exactly how it sounds. With a small backpack shaped case, you can power the necessities in your home using your car.

The reviews say it’s incredibly easy, reliable, environmentally friendly, and safe. We just had to give it a try for ourselves. Jonathan was kind enough to send us a CarGenerator™ to tinker with, and it is ingenious. With a full tank of gas, start your car and open the hood. Strap CarGenerator™ to the front of your vehicle taking extra precaution not to attach it to any hot or moving parts, like fan belts. Make sure the unit is hanging vertically while in use.

Attach the booster cable jaw-clamps to their designated locations on the battery. Red on red, for positive and black on black, for the negative. If your car is a little more complicated, please consult the owner's manual that came with the vehicle. You should find directions under the “jump-start” section of your vehicle's manual. You will see a slight spark when you attach the jaw-clamps to your vehicle, and this is normal.

Next, plug your AC WORKS® brand extension cords into one of the household outlets installed inside the CarGenerator™ housing. There are two outlets installed in the CarGenerator™. If you are running power into your home it is better to use one of the two outlets and split the power inside your home. If you need additional outlets, you can also use AC WORKS® brand power strips or power distributors.

There is a small power button located on the power inverter. Power on the CarGenerator™ using this button. It should beep once and then remain silent. Finally, connect everything you need to stay comfortable inside; whether it be a refrigerator, furnace, or small electronics, to keep you occupied, the base 1000W model will keep you covered.

It is recommended to use the digital AC power watt meter, included with your CarGenerator™. This product is not weatherproof and should be connected to the end of your extension cord, inside your home. Come back next time as we begin to dive deeper into what else you can use the CarGenerator™ for. Thank you CarGenerator™ and thank you for watching!


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