Unique Things About AC Connectors in 100 Seconds

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This week is a milestone for us, as it mark’s our 100th blog post. While it’s a little late to celebrate other milestones like 100 sales, $100 made, bringing in our 100th product, making our 100th video, having 100 customers, or being in business for 100 days, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you what makes us unique. So, in a slight turn from what we normally do, I will try to name off as many unique products we offer and as many helpful facts in a 100-second span.

Be sure to check out our 100th blog to see even more ways we can help, and check back every week for more helpful tips.

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AC Connectors strives to provide power solutions to its customers since its founding in 2015. From our headquarters (Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA), we provide solutions worldwide and work efficiently to ship our AC WORKS® brand products out quickly, especially to those struck by natural disasters.

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