How to Search for AC WORKS® Products

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Figuring out what electrical connection you have can sometimes be tricky. There are so many different plug and connector NEMA configurations out there that it can be a little overwhelming.

Luckily, most plugs and outlets actually come with their NEMA configurations printed on them. If you can’t find yours, you can look at our NEMA configuration chart on our downloads page.

Once you are on, click on the search bar. Then, simply type in the numbers associated with the connections you are trying to adapt. The outlet you are trying to get power from should always be your first set of numbers. Then, the numbers associated with the plug you are trying to adapt to that outlet.

Your search will yield the available compact and flexible adapters. Come back next time when we review another tool if you need a more visual guide to searching. If you have any questions about your connections, please leave us a comment down below, and please be sure to give us a like and subscribe.

Thank you for watching! AC Connectors strives to provide power solutions to its customers since its founding in 2015. From our headquarters (Oak Creek Wisconsin, USA), we provide solutions worldwide and work efficiently to ship our AC WORKS® brand products out quickly, especially to those struck by natural disasters.

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