The Differences Between L530 and L1430 Inlets

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The summertime can be nice and warm out, but can also present dangerous hazards like severe weather. So as you de-winterize your home, double check your emergency power systems, or are thinking of getting a new system installed, there are some important things to remember. The most common outlets on portable generators tend to be NEMA L5-30 and NEMA L14-30, so you want to be sure you have the correct inlets and cords to go with them.

Depending on the max wattage output of your generator, you will be able to supply up to 3750 watts with an L530 outlet or up to 7500 watts with an L1430 outlet. If you need to power just the bare necessities like a fridge, freezer, window air conditioner, and a microwave, the L530 might suffice as long as its not over 3750 watts. If you want to power more, try to find a generator and inlet with the L1430 configuration. It's always best to have a higher input setup.

Let’s say you want to completely re-wire an inlet box to match your generator. For this scenario, you already have an L1430 inlet box, but the generator only has L530 to work with, so you want to swap out the L1430 male inlet for an L530 male inlet. In this case, you would need to completely swap out the housing. L1430 has 4 prongs and wires, making it larger in size than L530. You would not be able to use the L1430 housing for L530. It just wouldn’t fit properly. If you still have questions about your inlet, please leave us a comment down below. Otherwise, be sure to give us a like and subscribe to see more content like this.

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