CBF520 Product Line Update

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Some of our most popular products are the CBF520 line, or as you may know them, the adapters with circuit breakers, and 4 household outlets. When we first designed these adapters, each duplex set of household outlets was protected by a 20 amp circuit breaker. After some customer feedback, we decided to make a change.

Every single CBF520 adapter is made with 10-gauge wire. So, if you are working with a power source greater than 30 amps, the 10-gauge wire will only allow 30 amps. All the power sources for each of these CBF520 adapters also operate with 2 hot wires. A fact that most people don’t know is each of these hot wires can operate at up to 30 amps.

So when we first started with 20 amp circuit breakers, some customers brought it to our attention that they want to get closer to that 30 amp limit. To achieve that, we changed the circuit breakers to a 24 amp limit.

Now, each set of duplex household outlets on the CBF520 adapters can go up to 24 amps before tripping.

One use we hear about often is with heaters and flood restoration equipment. Some heaters need to run at 12 amps. So before, you could only use 2 at a time, but now you can use four 12 amp heaters at once while still being protected by the circuit breakers.

One thing to note is if you are using a power source that is only 20 amps, then obviously you can only use up to 20 amps because that is all that is available.

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