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AC WORKS® brand compact power adapters are small, durable, and heavy-duty.  The durability of its material makes them built to last.  The design of these compact adapters makes them easy to hold and grip when using, carrying, or storing.  Because of their size and design, carrying them or packing them away has never been easier. 

They are a bright orange color so you will not lose them on a job site or in your garage.  When designing these adapters, we kept our customer in mind.  Everything from keeping them in your pocket to being able to drop them over and over again with no functional damage done to your product was considered in the design phase.    

Have you considered ease of use?  Are you trying to power something in a tight space or need an adapter you can store away easily when not in use?  Places like RV, boats, laundry rooms, garage, and more are ideal locations for using compact adapters. 

Imagine this scenario:   

Your dryer outlet might be snug behind your dryer and leave you very little room to work with when trying to plug an adapter in and power your dryer.  You have a newer home and moved with your older dryer.  After buying a new house you must wait for a while before you can purchase new home appliances.  Your home holds a NEMA 14-30R dryer outlet in the first-floor laundry room.  Since you are moving your old dryer it has a 3-prong NEMA 10-30P plug and will not fit into the 4-prong outlet provided in your new home. 

You could call an electrician to change the outlet.  That would cost a lot and if you had that much extra money right now you would just buy that new dryer you were looking at.  We have many solutions for you.  Because your outlet is tucked behind your dryer in your tight laundry room, you don’t have a lot of extra space to work with.  In this case, we suggest our compact adapter AD14301030 listed below.  This will provide you with a snug fit in the tight location given. 

AC WORKS® Dryer Outlet Adapter Solutions

Here is a list of our favorite compact adapters:


AC WORKS® AD14301030 Compact Adapter


AC WORKS® Compact EV Adapter EVTT30MS


AC WORKS® Brand EV530TT Compact EV Adapter


AC WORKS® Brand Residential Compact T-blade Adapter


AC WORKS® brand AD515L530 Compact Adapter

These adapters come in many configurations to meet your power connectivity needs.  Look at our Compact Adapter Product Sheet to find the configuration you need. 

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