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AC WORKS® brand flexible adapters are longer than the compact adapters we highlighted last week.  Our flexible adapters range from 1 foot to 1.5 feet in length, depending on the configuration.  The added length given in the design of our flexible adapter collection allows for a more flexible reach, which is where the name came from. 

Using flexible adapters make it easier to fit your adapter in some areas with difficult reach.  They will maneuver to all angles so you will never be without power.  The flexible adapter line is perfect when you need just a little extra length for a difficult reach but still don’t need many feet of length, like an extension cable.    

The flexible adapter is a little heavier and more difficult to carry around if you have multiple adapters.  If you have a few adapters to take with you to the job site and you are using flexible they will be more difficult to store than the compact. 

Flexible adapters also have weak spots in the form of the cable.  Now the cable itself is made of a very well-constructed rubber jacket with heavy-duty job site use in mind.  Depending on the adapter you are using it could be weatherproof, chemical proof, and more.  However, the flexible adapter’s rubber jacket is just that. 

Rubber can be compromised by being thrown in and out of your toolbox daily.  On the job site, you may toss it to the ground when you unplug it in a hurry or when camping it may be dragged or dropped in the gravel.  

These adapters have been put to the test and are very durable but when compared to the compact adapter they will have that area of weak spots being the cable, that over time will break if you don’t keep good care of your adapters. 

Example:  The AC WORKS® EV1430MS-018  provides you with more flexibility in charging your EV.  Your 4-prong dryer outlet NEMA 14-30R in the first-floor laundry room of your new home.  You need to get around your dryer to plug in your EV.  This will require a bit more flexibility when using your adapter.  The flexible adapter still has a snug fit for your tight space but also allows the flexibility to move at the angle needed to provide the charging solution.

In this case, the flexible adapter also comes with a 1.5 foot, heavy-duty, STW, 10/3, 600 Volt cable jacket, with a 30 Amp wire.  This allows for the flexibility needed to perform the job but also the strength and durability required to keep you and your home safe.   

List of our favorite flexible adapters:




AC WORKS® brand dryer outlet adapter


AC WORKS® brand S515M50-018 flexible adapter


AC WORKS® brand TTM50-018 flexible adapter


AC WORKS® brand flexible adapter

A pair of parts in multiple options are the M515520 compact and the S515520-012 one-foot flexible adapter

If you need a solution that you have not found in the article be sure to send our sales engineer a quick email with the details and an image of what you need to power and they will help find a solution that safely and effectively works for you. 

Stephanie Junek Marketing Manager for Cordtec Power Corporation

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