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When you need a lot of extra lengths to get your equipment powered you can count on AC WORKS® brands to have the power connection solution you need and fast.  We have many cables and extensions ranging from 10-100 feet in length depending on the product you need.

This week we will focus on safety as the main use for an extension cord.  NEMA L14-30PR plugs into your generators NEMA L14-30R outlet and then runs to your home’s NEMA L14-30P Transfer Switch Inlet.  If it were me, I would purchase this cable, the L1430PR, in a length of 25 or 50 feet.  The reason is I can keep the generator at a safe distance from my home when needing to use my emergency power system. 

Keeping your generator far away from your RV or home is an important safety concern.  Dangerous exhaust can kill people.  You don’t want those fumes entering your living space. 

AC WORKS® brand extension cables and power cords will be built to last with safety and convenience in mind.  The cords are made of thick materials resisting cold weather, chemicals, water, and other common problems.  You will never have a hard time using these products outdoors in harsh environments, and they will be easy to wrap up after each use. 

When stored properly the AC WORKS® cables and power cords will last you a very long time and include a 5-year limited warranty.  If you wrap and store your cords properly, they will last a lifetime. 

The 1430PR is good for use with Tesla/EV charging from inside your home where you will require extra length. 

Some of our favorite cords are listed below.


AC WORKS® brand S520PR extension cord


AC WORKS® brand 1030PR extension cord


AC WORKS® brand TTML530-025 power cord


AC WORKS® brand extension cord


AC WORKS® brand power cord


AC WORKS® brand S620PR extension cord

If you are looking for an extension cord power solution you cannot find on our site, contact our sales engineers and they will be able to help direct you to the proper solution.

Stephanie Junek Cordtec Power Corp Marketing and Brand Manager

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