Gen 1 and Gen 2 Tesla Mobile Connector Compatibility

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Since 2018, all Tesla model vehicles come with the Gen 2 Mobile Connector, starting with the Model 3.  If you purchased a pre-2018 Tesla Model S or Model X, you received a Gen 1 Mobile Connector. The Gen 2 is rated for 32 Amps when the Gen 1 was rated for 40 Amps but will lower the charge current if the plug is overheating, for example, if a person does not follow the 80% rule and set proper charging limits.  
32Amps 40Amps
Gen 1 Tesla adapters no longer fit the Gen 2 Mobile Connector and Tesla was only supplying the adapter for NEMA 5-15R 120V 15A and NEMA 14-50R 240V 50A outlets with the early Gen 2 Mobile Connectors.  It has recently been said the NEMA 14-50 adapter is no longer included with your Gen 2 Mobile Connector and new vehicle purchase. 
The list of adapters available from the online Tesla store includes NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-15, NEMA 6-20, NEMA 5-20, NEMA 10-30, NEMA 6-50, NEMA 14-30, and NEMA 14-50. If you purchase each one of these adapters your cost will be over $250 and you still don’t have the ability to charge from anywhere. 
We have an adapter with a built-in chip that will automatically set your Tesla’s charging limits to 32 Amps or 24 Amps (pictured below) depending on the adapter you purchase.  You can purchase this adapter individually or in one of our electric vehicle charging kits. 
G2EV1450PT Tesla 24 Amp Charging Limit
You need to be careful when choosing adapters because some adapters that plug into the Tesla supplied adapters, and not directly into the Mobile Connector, will NOT limit the charging capabilities and can cause overheating
With AC WORKS® brand adapters we included a label on your product telling you to follow the charging limits required for that adapter.  When using these adapters, it is important to check the charging limits every time you charge.  You want to be sure the charging limits on your vehicle have not been overwritten due to a software update, use of an adapter that auto-sets your limits, or any other reason.  
What was included with the Generation One Tesla Mobile Connector Charging Kit
The Gen 1 Mobile Connector allowed you to plug into any standard 110v household outlet to begin charging.  It came standard with the purchase of a new Tesla vehicle and included a Mobile Connector main unit with a 20-foot cable, a NEMA 5-15 adapter, NEMA 14-50 adapter, an SAE J1772 adapter for use at public charging stations, and a storage bag. 
 Tesla Gen1 Mobile Connector and Adapters
What is included with the Generation Two Tesla Mobile Connector Charging Kit
The Gen 2 Mobile Connector (pictured below) allows you to plug into any standard 110v household outlet to begin charging. This product comes standard with the purchase of any Tesla vehicle and includes the Mobile Connector main unit with a 20-foot cable, a NEMA 5-15 Tesla adapter and a storage bag. 
Gen2 Mobile Connector
AC WORKS® brand offers two electric vehicle kits to work with your Tesla Mobile Connector.  We have replaced the previous Tesla Charging Packages mentioned in the “Why We Love Tesla Model S” with the EVKIT01 and the EVKIT02.
Kit one includes 6 charging options for $199 and Kit two includes 11 charging options for $399.
We are offering more solutions than Tesla can offer and the best part is, our kits are compatible with both Gen 1 and Gen 2 Mobile Connectors.  There will be no need to purchase two sets of adapters if you and/or your spouse have different year Tesla vehicles.  That is a huge saving. 
A common question we receive is how to remove the Tesla adapters from the Mobile Connector main unit.  You can watch an episode of AC WORKS® Wisdom to help you understand how to remove the adapters. 
As Tesla technology and charging capabilities are changing, so are we.  We want to provide you the safest and most high-quality options to charge your Tesla vehicle anywhere you travel.  As they make updates to their product availability we will too. 

If you have any questions regarding electric vehicle charging or your Tesla Mobile Connector adapters, please reach out to our trusted and knowledgeable customer service staff 24/7. 

Stephanie Junek | Marketing Manager

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  • You can use Gen 1 Charger on Model 3 and it will charge @ 40A, I have a 2015 Model S and a 2018 Model 3 and both GEN 1 and GEN 2 chargers are interchangeable. The GEN 1 GETS 40A on both cars with the 14-50 and the GEN 2 gets 32A on both cars with the 14-50. I also have a GEN2 WALL charger and I get 40A on the model 3 and 80A charge on the Model S that is equipped with the onboard 80A fast charger.

    Daniel on
  • Hello Phil. I believe the 32A maximum is correct. I don’t think the Tesla charger can go up to 40A anymore.

    Christopher on
  • I thought the max input current is limited by the Gen 2 control unit to 32 Amps?
    So if I use a 3rd party 14-50 adapter and plug the charger into a Tesla, the UME will pull 40A current into the car?

    Phil on

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