Generac GB1000 Compatible Power Solutions by AC WORKS®

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Winter is in full swing and you might find yourself without power. We offer many generator power solutions but sometimes you need something a bit different. Give the GB1000 Portable Power Station by Generac a try and even pair it with some of our extension cords or adapters.

GB1000 Portable Power Station Features

This product does come with a list of features including USB-C, USB-A, wireless phone charging, and a DC outlet, but for our purposes, we will focus on the 3 included AC receptacles.

Generac GB1000 Features

AC WORKS® Brand Compatibility

We offer a variety of NEM 5-15P adapters compatible with the GB1000 by Generac.


AD515L515 Compact Locking Adapter by AC WORKS®

  • Swimming Pool Pump
  • Sump Pump


SD515520 Household 15A to 20A Extension Cord by AC WORKS®

  • Super Duty Indoor/Outdoor Power Applications
  • 15A to 20A Receptacles


S515M50-018 RV and Marine Adapter by AC WORKS®

  • RV/Marine 50A Inlet Adapter


S515L1430-012 Household Plug Adapter by AC WORKS®

  • Emergency Power


S515L530-012 Household Plug Adapter by AC WORKS®

  • Locking 30A RV Adapter


MD203-15 Medical/Hospital Grade Power Strip by AC WORKS®

  • Medical/Hospital Grade Power Strip



This is just a small variety of the options we have. If you search NEMA 5-15P on our website the options will show up. Keep in mind, that the power output will only offer what is available to the 15A receptacle.

If you have any questions about compatible power solutions please reach out to us at or text (414) 323-3240. 

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