PDU Outlet Safety Features

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Introducing Our Weatherproof PDU Outlet Boxes:

Power protection in any environment when it comes to durability, our PDU outlet boxes stand tall in any lineup.

We've equipped them with a range of heavy-duty features, ensuring they're ready for whatever mother nature throws their way. From outlet covers to GFCI protection and anti-cold weather cables, we've left no stone unturned.

But what truly sets our weatherproof PDU outlet boxes apart is their built-in protection against the elements. We've designed these boxes with a specialized channel along the perimeter, allowing the base plate to securely lock in place and effectively seal out water and debris.

A specialized channel along the perimeter of the PDU Outlet Box seal out water and debris.

This means you can confidently deploy our products in virtually any setting imaginable, without worrying about weather-related damage. To further fortify against the elements, we've installed heavy-duty grommets where the cables connect into the box.

This additional barrier prevents water and debris from infiltrating the box and disrupting your vital connections. When it comes to safety and reliability, our circuit breakers are second to none. Whether it's a 20A or 24A breaker, rest assured that they're certified by CCC, TUV, cRUus, CSA us, and ROHS, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind.

And at the heart of it all lies the junction where everything converges - a solid brick of high-quality copper. We understand the importance of a reliable electrical conductor, which is why we spare no expense in using only the best materials for our PDU outlet boxes.

With our weatherproof PDU outlet boxes, you can trust that your power will stay connected, rain or shine. Experience the difference for yourself and invest in power protection that truly stands up to the elements.

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