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You are driving down the street, you notice your Tesla is running out of power. Okay, simple solution. Charge her up and get back on the road. Charging your car should be easy. Why is it so difficult to do?  Some cities are not packed with Tesla charging stations. Here in Milwaukee, it is difficult to find one. To charge your car, you will need the proper adapters.  We can make it possible for you to charge your EV right at home. 

Tesla SuperCharger Station Locations near Milwaukee WI

You are an industrial worker and tomorrow you need to reach over 30 feet across your job site with your Welder. The only power available to you is your generator. How is this going to happen? We can help find a solution to your cable length problem today. 

This weekend you will be traveling in your new RV and you have no clue how you will power it. The campground you are heading to is not compatible with your RV outlet. Simple, just get on our website and grab the adapter you will need to power your RV right up. 

"Hold on, I am on your site and there are so many options for EV, RV, and other charging adapters. How am I supposed to know which one will work properly with my product?" This is a valid customer question. We are here to help you figure it out. You need to know what equipment or devices you are trying to power and from what source or socket will be powering them. 

The first thing to do is figure out what socket you will be using to power your equipment or device. Once you know which socket you will be using, look closely at the socket and find the printed text such as NEMA L5-30R or L5-30 to define the socket you have. 

Now that you know what socket you are working with, look at the male plug or inlet power input, you will be powering with the socket you chose. The text on the end of the plug will read something like NEMA L14-30p or L14-30 to define the power input you have on your equipment. 

AC Works, AC Works Connector, Male plug, ACConnectors, 4 prong adapter

We discussed, last week, what the P and the R stand for and the relationship between the two. If you missed last week's post or are confused by what they mean, please view the post for further understanding. 


You have figured out what power source you have along with the equipment connector, so it will be easier to define the product you should purchase. Think back to last week's post about the relationship between the plug and receptacle. If you have an L5-30R socket, you will need an L5-30P male plug to fit into that socket.

L1430R, AC Works, AC Works Connector, ACConnectors

TIP: You can use the same concept in reverse to find the female connector you will need.  

If you cannot find the information you are looking for and have no idea what to order, please contact us directly. We offer free customer consultations, so you can order the proper product the first time. No returns, exchanges or waiting for the right product. We can help you get a quick solution. 

You can call our 24-hour customer support line with any questions before, during or after you have ordered our products. You can also text us a picture of your socket and we can help you identify what you need.  

Customer Support (414) 434-2220 Text (414) 323-3240

Stephanie Junek | Marketing Manager | Cordtec Power Corp.

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