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Tomorrow is National Puppy Day. This day is celebrated on March 23rd annually and was founded by Colleen Paige. Her idea of National Puppy Day is a special day to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. This day is also used to promote adoption of the adorable animals in need of homes.

We want to discuss the wide range of electrical hazards to watch for before you bring your new puppy into your house. Just like a child, puppies will require constant supervision. There are many dangers in your home to be aware of. It is important to know about these dangers and how to avoid them.

Home electrical is something to be cautious about regardless if there is a pet in the home or not. We want you to be safe and help to prevent accidental injury in any way we can. One of the most important things to note when bringing home a new puppy is how to keep them away from your power cords and cables. Puppies are playful and a ball of tangled cords seems like a great place to lead their curiosity.

Keep pets away from tangled cords as they could get strangled or injured.

One of the reasons we don't want puppies playing around in your tangled wires is because they can be injured or strangled if caught in the cords the wrong way. Another reason is that puppies love to chew on things. If your puppy chews through your cables it can lead to burns on their mouth, face, or tongue as well as electrocution.

Check the cables in your home periodically for damage to their cable jackets, bite marks, or tears and if you find evidence of your puppy playing with your power supply cords or any other wires make sure you change them right away. Exposed wires can lead to an electrical fire. Exposed wires are not the only electrical fire hazard in your home.

During an emergency power outage, you may have portable heaters going in your living quarters. Pets should be kept away from this type and other appliances that give off heat. Animals are always looking for a nice warm location to cozy up next to. Oil heaters, portable heaters, curling irons, clothing irons, and many other warm appliances should be turned off and cooled. Never leave your pet alone with any of these items as the pet is likely to knock them over or move them to a location that may cause an electrical fire.

Keep pets away from cords, outlets, and hot appliances.

During a period of lost power, you may be forced to use portable power in the form of a generator to heat your home. When you experience power loss it is important to have certain items in your home running. You may need your refrigerator, air conditioner, or heater. This may cause you to run wires through your home until the power outage is restored. Keep your pets away from these wires by blocking them to one area of your home or keeping them in their cage until this problem can be resolved.

For everyday use, there are many solutions to keeping your home's electrical and most importantly your puppy safe. One idea for your electrical cables is to run them behind the walls of your home. Not only does this look clean, modern, and sophisticated but it keeps you more organized and your pets safe from the electrical hazards we spoke about earlier.

If you are not interested in figuring out how to run your wires behind the walls you can create a deterrent by using zip ties or twist ties and PVC pipe. Form an organized handful of cables and tie the wires together and then run them through the plastic pipe to keep them out of sight of your pup.

Hide the wires from your puppy behind the walls

Make sure your plugs are always sitting tightly into your electrical outlets. Any partially exposed metal prongs that hang out of the wall socket can cause potential shock if touched by a puppies’ wet tongue or nose.

The most important solution of all is to train your animal to keep away from hazardous situations. These same rules apply in your recreation vehicle, fifth wheel or travel trailer. AC WORKS™ brands want to keep you and your pets safe wherever you call home.

National Puppy Day: Electrical Safety

If you want to learn more, watch this week's episode of AC WORKS™ Wisdom from our YouTube channel by Chris. 

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