You Don't Have to Buy a New Generator, We can Help

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Do you own a generator and it does not have the correct outlet?  You need to rent a generator but the only option available to you has an outlet that does not pair with your needs?  Are you considering purchasing a whole new generator or trying to change your generator outlet?  There are many reasons your generator might now work for your needs, but we also have many solutions to provide you. 

Changing an outlet in your generator can be costly and is not recommended.  It can discontinue your generators included warranty or protection plan or you could damage your generator or equipment if you don’t do it correctly.  Hiring a certified electrician will cost a large amount of money, is that worth it?  Don’t forget why you purchased the generator you have in the first place.  It is likely you will need the original outlet again in the future and will be back changing the outlet again. 

What are your options?  First, what is the reason for wanting to change your generator outlet?  After doing a little research on your power connection needs it may be wise to get an adapter rather than go through the hassle of changing your generator’s outlet. 


AC WORKS™ brand has an entire collection of generator products to help keep the power flowing.  Whether you need an adapter, power distribution cord, or extension cord AC WORKS™ will keep you connected. 

We also have kits, depending on the reason for your power needs.  We have two emergency power kits available.  One for the NEMA L14-20 and another for the NEMA L14-30.  They allow you to connect your inlet to any style of generator you might have, rent, or need to borrow in an emergency outage.

AC WORKS™ Transfer Switch Diagram

If you have an RV we have two kits for you.  We have a 30 Amp and a 50 Amp  RV to generator kit you can use to avoid changing your generator’s outlet. 

Generator to RV Connection

Don’t forget you can contact us for a FREE consultation, and we will help advise you to which product will provide a solution to your problem.  We offer 24/7 customer service via phone, email, text and social media.  Do not hesitate to ask questions before you purchase as it will save you from the hassle of ordering the incorrect product and having to wait for returns or exchanges. 

What do you use your generator for?  Let us know in the comments below. 

Stephanie Junek Marketing and Brand Manager for Cordtec Power Corp.

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