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As the company grows, there are more projects and a lot more content needing to be created.  Within our Marketing department, we were unable to get the project done, we had hoped to complete.  Hiring a marketing coordinator was the answer. 

The Marketing Coordinator I hired is Chris.  He loves photography and videography and we are excited to have him on our team.  In the short time, he has been with us, he has already thrived.  We asked Chris a few questions to share some background information with you, and here they are:

Christopher Hahn - Marketing Coordinator - Cordtec Power Corporation - AC Connectors Store - AC WORKS brand

What is your education background?

I currently hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. That is not where I first went to college though. After graduating from Homestead High School in 2012, I went to the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse for a year. I loved it there and still visit quite often. The way I saw it, I had to decide what I wanted to do, sooner rather than later. History, especially military history, was one of my favorite topics. I even considered getting a master’s in history to teach WWII history. But, my gut stuck with my love of film and the history and magic of it all. So, I transferred to UWM and got my degree there.

What was your first thought about our company and what attracted you to want to work for us?

I was impressed. I read a little about the company and learned it was only a few years old but already selling through big-name sales channels like Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart. I wanted to work here to help build this small company. I have never worked with a newer, smaller company. I wanted to experience how a business of this scale runs and gain valuable experience in creating content and expanding the business.

Chris creating images for content on our website and social media.

Have you ever worked in Customer Service before?  How do we differ in customer service from other companies you have worked for?

I have worked in customer service for the past 7 years at Stein’s Garden & Home. I’d say that Tony does an excellent job providing literally every answer he can. Even if we don’t have the solution, he still knows where to get it. That is top notch customer service. While the customer service at Stein’s was interpersonal and over the phone, the service here is more over the phone, through email, Facebook message or Amazon message. Those are the only big differences I see in customer service here.

What attracted you to working for ACConnectors?

The opportunity to learn, yet still put in something valuable. I’ve learned a lot about Marketing but have also brought my previous experiences and skills in with me to help.

Christopher Hahn working on AC WORKS brand imaging at his desk.

What is the most interesting thing you have learned about power solutions since you have started working here?

I had no idea there are so many different types of plugs and connectors. I also didn’t know what NEMA was and that everything with a plug and outlet has a NEMA code.

Which one of the AC WORKS® brand products are your favorite to work with so far?

I’m not sure if I have one picked out yet. I do like the products that pose a challenge to make application photos. I do like the RV adapters because we got to go outside in the nice sunny weather and take photos.

Chris trying to figure out the appropriate angle for this application image

What has been your most interesting project, since joining our marketing team?

I’d have to say learning about and implementing stronger SEO. While I did have a basic understanding of it, I did not know all the small factors that come into play.

Also, learning how to make the interactive 360 images was interesting.

Have you had a milestone since you started working here?

I can’t remember how many YouTube videos there already were when I started working here, but I brought us up to just over 100 videos and counting. I am also making good progress with the image and video database.

FUN FACT:  There were less than 10 YouTube videos when Chris started with us. 

What type of things do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy working out after work. I homebrew my own beer. I write a blog that dissects different aspects and techniques used in my favorite movies and TV shows. I enjoy still photography when I travel or when I get some free time. I enjoy hanging out with friends and traveling.

What are your goals for working in the Marketing department within ACConnectors?

To gain valuable experience and create more content for our company. I want to increase our ranking on Google and expand our customer base. I want to gain more subscribers for our YouTube channel and continue to create valuable videos for our customers. I want to help find more sales channels for the company to thrive on.

Chris working with others in the deparment to create content.

What are 3 things no one would know about you?

I can play the drums. Despite being tall and lanky, I used to play offensive line in football. I can’t really think of a third thing, but people always tend to think I am older than I really am.

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