Father's Day Gift Buying Guide

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HVAC/Portable Heater:

Some people buy their father’s a space heater or portable heater to use in the garage while working on projects in the cooler months.  Depending on the space heater he may need a 220 Volt power outlet to plug his NEMA 6-20P male plug into, so he can use the heater.  Some people may have a dryer outlet in the garage, this will allow him to use our AC WORKS® brand adapter S1430620-012 to run his heater.

AC WORKS S1430620-012Air Compressor:
A lot of dads want an air compressor for Father’s Day.  Is your dad an auto-mechanic and in need of using pneumatic power tools in the garage?  Welder’s and other people may have the welder NEMA 6-50R female receptacle in the garage.  This is a 250 Volt outlet capable of taking the AD650L630 adapter required to make the air compressor work.  The air compressor will need to have a NEMA L6-30P male plug. 
AD650L630 AC WORKS brand adapter
A generator is a great gift for dad.  He may want to use it for many temporary power solutions.  Generators can be used for many reasons like powering an RV, a food truck or even temporary power in an emergency power outage.  More commonly, at home, he will need to use a generator to power things like the refrigerator, dryer, range, microwave, devices and some lights in an emergency power outage.  Most generators will have two regular household outlets on them allowing you to keep lights on and the refrigerator going.  If he needs to power anything more, we have a solution.  AC WORKS® brand L1430F520-018 adapter is a power distribution adapter turning one generator outlet into four household outlets.  
L1430F520-018 AC WORKS brand adapter
Transfer Switch:
If dad lives in an area where power outages are common, due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, he may enjoy an Emergency Power Outage System installed into his home.  This system will allow him to turn the power back on in his home with the flip of a switch, in an emergency outage.  We have the AC WORKS® Inlet Box ASINL1430P-BX and the AC WORKS® L1430PR cable to help him power the home in an emergency outage. 
Transfer Switch Illustration
The Tesla is a fun gift for those dad’s who love to reduce their carbon footprint.  Owning a Tesla is fun and rewarding for those who are environmentally mindful and like to drive a fast and sleek vehicle.  We have a post dedicated to the Tesla Model S if you would like to read more about the vehicle, why we love it and how you can power it in any situation. 
Tesla charging convenience package for the house
An RV is a huge purchase for your Father’s Day gift, but it is one he will be sure to enjoy.  He can enjoy this gift with the whole family and make memories for years to come.  We have already talked about RV prep and power in previous blog posts, if you would like to find out more about those topics, feel free to roam around our blog and learn more about RV ownership.  
2018 Coachmen RV at Prosser RV Outlet
Dryer Relocation:
This year for Mother’s Day my husband got me a fancy new dryer.  I was talking about it for months, Christmas came, no dryer and then my birthday, no dryer.   Finally, on Mother’s Day, he got me the dryer I was hoping for.  My dreams were quickly crushed when I realized I could not plug the new dryer plug into the outlet we have in the garage.  I decided I was not going to complain about it or mention it at all.  I am going to research it and figure out how to make it work so he can spend Father’s Day relaxing or doing what he wants instead of household chores.  AC WORKS® has a dryer adapter S10301430-018 that will do the trick.  We even have a user manual to show you how to properly use the adapter.  This year we have provided you with the necessary steps to make sure the father in your home can have a relaxing day.  
AC WORKS brand S10301430-018

Happy Father’s Day dad!  Don’t forget to show the dad in your life how appreciated he is and celebrate all he does for your family. 

Stephanie Junek - Marketing and Brand Manager - AC WORKS brand products

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