Mid-Year Review 2018

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It is the beginning of August and half of 2018 is already history.  I feel like I just wrote the 2017 AC Connectors recap and here we are 6 months later updating you again on our goals and accomplishments. 

We have quickly grown into our new warehouse location and will likely grow out of it sooner than we expected.  For now, instead of us grow out of the warehouse our products have been.  Some of our new items have been accepted into the Home Depot Direct Fulfillment Center.  This allows for a more flexible Home Depot customer experience.  The customers who prefer Home Depot can now order products and pick up your items in stores.  Previously our warehouse was shipping out your Home Depot orders. 

Speaking of our products, an increased portion of our products are now being assembled in the United States.  We are buying materials from local United States suppliers.  This helps to increase our economy and employment rates.  Currently, our rubber cable is coming from a supplier located in Georgia and Wisconsin.  

Our product collections have grown through the first half of this year.  Our largest collection is the Generator/Transfer Switch collection which is about 98% complete.  The AC WORKS™ brand Welder and Electric Vehicle collections are both around 95% completed, the Residential and RV/Marine collections are slowly increasing, and the Medical Supply collection has more than doubled. 

AC WORKS Collection

AC WORKS® brand Electric Vehicle chargers are no-longer Tesla model specific but work with other makes and models of electric vehicles as well.  Our products can be used with a variety of EV charging options. 

In February, we hired a Marketing Coordinator, Chris, to work alongside Stephanie, our Marketing Manager.  The two of them are responsible for our marketing efforts.  Everything from copy and images, social media, to design and video.  They have made some significant changes this year.

Christopher Hahn Marketing Coordinator

We have a re-designed the AC Connectors website along with the addition of the Cordtec Power website, used for bulk and special-order products.  Our YouTube channel AC WORKS™ was created and has started adding product overview videos.  In addition to the overview videos, AC WORKS™ Wisdom episodes came to life in June and continue to add to our weekly playlist.


Product sell sheets are continually added to our collection of marketing documents.  Our goal is to create a sell sheet for each collection and some promotional sheets as well.  If you have the need for an Electric Vehicle adapter, but not sure which one you can view our EV sell sheet to see the types we offer.

Customer service is the most important part of what we do here at Cordtec Power Corporation.  We have added more customer feedback options for our AC WORKS™ brand product users.  You can now leave the review of a specific product right in its listing in our AC Connectors store.  If you are a Home Depot or Amazon customer, you can leave a review on those sites also.  We receive a large amount of customer feedback on Amazon. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns about our products, website or anything else, you can access a customer service representative 24/7.  What is new about this feature is the Twitter and Facebook live questions.  If you prefer or feel more comfortable on social media just drop us a question using the hashtag #askacworks and tag us.  This will help us to answer your questions more quickly. 

#askacworks for questions on Twitter and Facebook


We are proud to announce AC Connectors has been added to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) list of accredited businesses.  You are also able to leave our business a review on our BBB profile.  

Big changes are coming for the remainder of 2018.  We are working hard to update our Amazon store, product descriptions, images and add some video.  We are creating new ways for our customers to interact with our products.

We also plan to keep on top of the quickly changing Electric Vehicle market to help guide our customers to proper charging solutions that fit their product and budget type.  As we foresee more and more EV drivers will be hitting the road, it is important for us to help you get the solutions you need for charging as well as the most up to date information about the industry.  

The world is always changing and evolving and so are we.  AC Connectors likes to hear customer feedback.  This helps us to provide the best customer experience we can for every one of you.  If there are blog topics, videos or questions you want to have answered please contact us today.

Stephanie Junek Marketing Manager

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