PD4GF-010 Power Distribution Panel

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Last week we talked about GFCI outlets.  That was not a coincidence, as we planned on releasing the PD4GF-010 power distribution panel this week on our blog.  We worked tirelessly to perfect this product giving it a purpose for those with a plan. 

The plan could be a large outdoor festival, an indoor carnival, a sporting event, a concert, and even an industrial warehouse.  When the weather is cold, the work must go on.  You can use the PD4GF-010 to power multiple heaters for your construction site.

The options are endless, and we would love to hear how you start to use the PD4GF-010 when it arrives on your doorstep.  For now, let’s talk about power.  The maximum power of this product is 7500 Watts.  You can refer back to our blog post about the differences between watts, amps, and volts if you need to.  

The power source for the PD4GF-010 is a NEMA L14-30R industrial or generator outlet. The outlet is a 4-prong, 30 Amp, 125/250 Volt female connector. 

NEMA L14-30R Industrial Outlet

If you look at the PD4GF-010 you will see it has a 10-foot long cable with an L14-30P plug on the end connecting to an L14-30R outlet and four NEMA 5-15/20, 20 Amp, GFCI T-blade Household Connectors.

PD4GF-010 Power Distribution Panel

The NEMA L14-30R receptacle located on the center of the panel allows you the opportunity to “daisy-chain” or “piggy-back” multiple PD4GF-010 products together providing you with an outlet every ten feet for up to 50 feet in length and 20 GFCI outlets before significant de-rating becomes an issue.  Connecting more than five of the products together causes more noticeable de-rating of power. 

PD4GF-010 Daisy-Chain or Piggy-Back

The NEMA L14-30R outlet is not GFCI protected.  To help protect the outlet, we have created a clear plastic protectant film covering that acts as an outlet cover or rain guard.  This guard is re-usable and will help to keep water from rain or splashing and dirt or debris out of the outlet. 

PD4GF-010 Clear Protective Film

The four NEMA 5-15/20 T-blade outlets are GFCI protected.  They have status indicator lights letting you know what is going on with the power through your product(s). The green indicating power is present, flashing or solid red indicating the product needs to be reset, and no light indicates a trip and/or no power is present. 

GFCI Status Indicator Lights

As we learned last week the GFCI Outlet is a ground-fault circuit interrupter that protects people from electrical shock.  This type of circuit breaker shuts off electric power when it senses an imbalance between the outgoing and incoming current.

This product is made for indoor/outdoor use and provides much-needed power to locations without, during a special event or other situation similar to those listed earlier.  If you have further questions and would like to speak to a sales engineer, please email info@acconnectors.com to learn more. 

Stephanie Junek  Marketing and brand manager for Cordtec Power Corporation, AC WORKS® brands and AC Connectors e-commerce.

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