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While we may think of Thanksgiving as a time to indulge on some delicious family recipes, it’s also a time to reflect and be thankful for the positives in life.

First and foremost, we at AC Connectors are most thankful for our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t have the business we have today.
But of course, there is much more to be thankful for.
This year, we asked some of our employees to tell us what they are thankful for.

Stephanie – Marketing Manager

Stephanie Junek - Marketing Manager

I am thankful for the continued growth of our company and the support and knowledge of our customers and supporters.  Without learning how each company or customer uses our product we would not be able to have the knowledgeable customer service staff we provide to you every day. 

 Tony – Head of Sales and Engineering

I am thankful for the respect and cooperation of our team, customers, and suppliers to make a successful partnership able to find solutions to many scenarios and building relationships of value.

 Crystal – Head of Shipping

Thank you to the Post office, UPS, and FedEx employees who work tirelessly during the holidays and every day, giving us the best service they can, allowing us to provide fast and efficient shipping options for our customers.

 As for myself,

I am thankful for the lessons being taught to me about business, marketing, and electrical engineering. I learn something new every day, which helps me to come up with more helpful content.
We are thankful for the blessing that has been given to us from customers, competitors, and vendors.  Working together with others helps us to learn and provide information for you.  Being able to help our customers, even if they can not find a solution from us, is one of the many ways we pay it forward.  
This year, we are fortunate enough to show off products for our sister company, Cordtec Power Corp, at the RSNA show in Chicago. Set-up for it is actually happening this very weekend! We are very thankful to the showrunners for allowing us to attend and set-up a booth.
From all of us at AC Connectors, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season!

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