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This year Cordtec Power Corporation, our affiliate company, has decided to exhibit in the RSNA Annual Meeting.  This meeting takes place at McCormick Place in Downtown Chicago from December 1-5th.  What does RSNA stand for?  Good question, it stands for Radiological Society of North America. 

Chicago, Illinois

RSNA advertises to be the forefront of their field for over 100 years.  The radiological society has funded millions of dollars of research worldwide and provides high-quality education to its industry.  Continuing education is important for those in the medical field as upgrades in technology and medical advancements are constantly happening.

Why Cordtec Power Corporation?  How can our sister company fit into the RSNA Annual Meeting and why?  The reason for exhibiting in this show is two-fold; we want to learn from industry leaders who are demonstrating and showcasing their technology in radiology and medical imaging and we want to help them put together a quality product that conforms to all medical and hospital safety standards.   

When speaking with purchasing, supply chain management, liability and other medical staff on-site we want to show them our high-quality power supplies will not only power their product but also streamline operations and strengthen patient care.

For example, if you need to provide power to an international country like China or the UK you have them provide a power supply strip for use in powering their nurses' stations.  The power strip is large and bulky, taking up too much space in the workstation. 

British Power Strip

You can provide them with one of our C14 universal power strips for use worldwide.  Now you can provide this same setup to any customer looking for a nurses' station and you have saved on production costs, time, and space.  

C14 Universal Power Strip by Cordtec Power Corp.

We will be demonstrating the many power solutions we have available from the domestic and worldwide plug or connector options to straight or coiled cords in a variety of color options, all with the necessary standards and certifications for medical or hospital use. 

Whether you are looking to improve the overall quality of your product or the design we can help.  People have come to us for improvements on products like Data Carts™, imaging equipment, power exam tables, hospital beds, OR equipment, and other imaging products. 

Registration opened to the public on July 24th and is in full swing.  You will receive the best rates for top hotels in every budget when reserving your room through RSNA and they also have a variety of pricing package options so you will be able to get the most of this year’s meeting.  There are packages available for medical students, trainee’s, physicians, or even the top CEO allowing you to choose the experience that meets your needs. 

The packages offered span from standard, covering 6 days of conference access to premium packages that offer priority taxi boarding and access to VIP networking lounges and more.  Make sure you book your ticket packages soon because the prices will increase on November 1, 2019, as the show approaches. 

RSNA has put together a request for approval and budget form to help you win over your boss in your quest to attend this year’s meeting.  

Keep in mind the technical exhibits are the world’s largest in medical equipment hosting leading manufacturers, suppliers, and developers in medical technology.  The technical exhibits will only be available from Sunday, December 1 through Thursday, December 5, 2019.  A Technical Exhibit single day pass is only $355 which is a great price considering the number of representatives and amount of technology you would be exposed to. 

Learn more about RSNA’s Annual Meeting or Cordtec Power Corporation’s products before you purchase your tickets.  Reach out to our Sales Engineers if you need to inquire about a product and are unable to attend the show.  


Stephanie Junek | Marketing and Brand Manager

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