AC WORKS® Connector — Product Release


Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Do you run a small business that can’t afford the hit of a power outage? Do you need a couple low powered appliances or power tools to continuously run during a power outage?

Are you a contractor or industrial worker who needs to hook multiple power tools up to a generator to get the job done

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PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: S14301030-018 and S10301430-018

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

Have you recently purchased a new dryer with a 4-prong plug, own an older home with a 3-prong outlet and don't want to hire an electrician to run a new outlet?  Did you just buy a new home with a 4-prong outlet and don't have enough money after the large home purchase to get a new dryer.  Your older dryer still has the 3-prong plug and your not sure what to do about it?  We have 2 new products launching that can help with either of those problems and keep your home safe.

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