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Starting Saturday, December 15th we have an END OF THE YEAR SALES EVENT happening on our website AC Connectors.  Just in time for the start of this sale, we released two new adapter kits for welders.  Last week you were able to see the product release video on these new kits.  

Today, we will go through the kits in more detail explaining the options you have for using the kits.  

First, let's briefly go over the most common connection that welders use, the NEMA 6-50. This plug or connector is rated for 50 Amp usage at 250 volts. It has two hot wires and one ground, making it safer than the older style of NEMA 10-50, which had two hot wires and one neutral.

NEMA 6-50R outlet

If you work in a welding shop, then chances are you have a NEMA 6-50 outlet installed already.  If you are a contractor that could have a job anywhere, you might not have the luxury of a NEMA 6-50 outlet.  The new Welder Kits are built with the contracted welder in mind.  If you are never in the same location or have no idea what your power source will be for work the next day or week, these kits will help ease that tension.  

Let’s start with WDKIT02. This consists of 5 adapters. WD1030650 and WD1430650 will allow you to get power for your welder from both old and new style dryer outlets. Both connections are rated for 30 Amps at 250 Volts, so the weld may take just a little longer. There are 2 more adapters rated for 30 Amps in this kit. They are WDL630650 and WDL1430650. The WDL630650 connects to a NEMA L6-30R outlet, typically found in industrial workplaces and generators. The WDL1430650 connects to a NEMA L14-30R outlet, typically found in generators. If you’re looking for a 50 Amp connection around the house, you can use a NEMA 14-50R cooking range outlet. The adapter for this is WD1450650. If you are more mobile, high-powered generators do often come with a NEMA 14-50R outlet.

WDKIT02 AC WORKS™ Brand Welder Kit

What if you have different generator connections? WDKIT03 will keep you covered there. This kit is the same as WDKIT02, but with 5 more adapters added in. These adapters allow you to connect WDL1430650 to a generator with a NEMA L14-20R outlet, a NEMA L5-30R outlet, a NEMA TT-30R outlet, and even a household outlet. A flexible adapter is also included if you need to connect to a 50 Amp NEMA SS2-50R outlet which is widely recognized for its use with shore power, and industrial power distributors. It is also recognized as a CS6365, California standard, 50 Amp locking temporary power source.

WDKIT03 AC WORKS™ Brand Welder Kit

If you have any questions or concerns about your power connection needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Don't forget these and all the other AC WORKS® brand kits are on sale through the end of the year, that is huge savings with free ground shipping.  

Stephanie Junek | Marketing and Brand Manager

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