What does Thanksgiving Mean to You?

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What does Thanksgiving mean to you?  Gratitude, autumn harvest, celebration, food, football, parades or something else? 

Maybe your meaning of Thanksgiving has changed over the years.  In your younger years, it may have meant food, fun, and family.  Construction paper turkeys made from tracing your hands, the smell of pie baking in the oven, and the sound of the grown-ups talking about their jobs, friends, or travels while the boys are all yelling at the football game playing on tv and all you want to do is go jump in the leaves. 

As you get older, those same words; food, fun, and family are still there but somehow have taken on a different meaning.  Now you are cooking old family recipes or still trying to perfect your great-grandmother’s gravy recipe.  You could be trying to watch the football game without burning dinner or entertaining guests instead of watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. 

Thanksgiving could mean you have to transform your home as if your guests are the filming crew for the HGTV network. Press the linens, fold the napkins, place the name cards and the centerpieces, and so on. 

AC Connectors Thanksgiving

It could mean you have to pull out your very large deep fryer, so you can show people what it looks like to cook a perfect turkey.  Speaking of a perfect turkey, are you still trying to figure out what a perfect turkey looks and tastes like?

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving could mean you have to listen to your uncle and his perpetual speech that focuses on the same political topic and you can almost recite it along with him as he talks.  Maybe Thanksgiving means you can spend all day in the kitchen bonding with your mom and learning how to make all her secret family recipes?

What is the meaning of Gratitude? Gratitude means you are thankful and can show appreciation for the kindness that has been shown to you.  It is proven that gratitude makes you happier, healthier, and kinder.  It allows us to be thankful for the things we have and can give to others. 

We are thankful for our second year of being able to help our customers with the AC WORKS® Connector blog.  The whole reason for this blog is to be able to give our readers a place to gain knowledge and insight into our products and their uses. 

What are you thankful for this year?

Stephanie Junek - Marketing and Brand Manager for Cordtec Power Corp

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