Adding a Threaded Ring to Your Power Connection Adapters

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Recently, our customers have reached out to us about inlet boxes and transfer switches. Their main concern is our adapters fitting into them. All of our adapters do fit into all inlet boxes, but we do get a lot of questions about one thing; the threaded ring on our transfer switch adapters.

There is a wide variety of inlet box makes and models out there. Some do come with a threaded base, while others do not. Do you need to have a threaded ring on your adapter? No, not necessarily. It is only there for extra security, but since most high-power inlets have a locking plug, the ring isn’t necessary. Some inlets might not have room for it either. The only application where a threaded ring is absolutely necessary is with shore power, to make sure water or other debris doesn’t interfere with the connection. You can also use this ring for the power connections on your RV.

To make sure the transfer switch adapter you ordered will fit any inlet box you have, we removed the ring but still included it in the package. If you want to add it on to the adapter once again, it is an easy process. All you need is a hairdryer.

With a hairdryer, simply warm up one edge of the adapter until it is soft.


Once the edge is soft, slide the ring on one side at a time in a circular motion.

If you need to remove the ring again, just follow the same steps. It’s that simple.

If you visually want to see the ring added, here is a video demonstrating how: 

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