User Manual: 30 Amp Inlet Box

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IMPORTANT! Installation of your AC WORKS® brand temporary power inlet box and associated wiring must be performed by a licensed electrician in compliance with all applicable codes.

ASL1430PBX 30 Amp Inlet Box

Mount the temporary power inlet box in a suitable location using the holes provided in your AC WORKS® brand inlet box packaging. All wiring methods and materials must conform to NEMA practices. Route the conduit or cable through one of the provided knockouts in the inlet box. Route the cable or conduit to the junction box. All conductors are to be at least 10 AWG but not exceeding 8 AWG.  Include a ground wire of the same gauge if not using a conduit.

Remove the wire insulation approximately 5/8’’ from the end of the wire. Connect the wires to the inlet box plug and secure with the fastener using 20 in pounds of torque.

Connect the BLACK 125 Volt leg to the terminal marked X
Connect the RED 125 Volt leg to the terminal marked connect
Connect the WHITE wire to the terminal marked W
Connect the GREEN wire to the ground terminal on the inlet box


30 Amp Inlet Box User Manual Download

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