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Whether you have been a homeowner for a long time or if you are a new homeowner, you might not have realized the different uses possible with the electrical outlets around your home. From a regular household outlet to the outlet you use for your clothes dryer or cooking range, there are many possibilities.

Your regular 3 prong household outlets are typically 15 amps/ 125 volts, but it is also known as 110 and 120 volts. These outlets, as you may know, can do your typical “housework.” But, what if you get a new power tool, air compressor, or swimming pool pump installed that has a locking style plug? You would need to adapt these to a household outlet. Depending on if it is a NEMA L5-20P or NEMA L5-15P, the AC WORKS® adapters to use would be AD515L520 or even AD515L515.

There are areas in the house with outlets to supply a larger amount of power, too. Take a look behind your clothes dryer. If you have an older house, you’ll have a NEMA 10-30R outlet. If your house is newer, you will most likely have a NEMA 14-30R outlet. Both provide 30 amps, but the 10-30 only has 3-prongs whereas the 14-30 has 4. This is a common problem that lots of people moving to a different home or buying a new dryer has. Luckily for you, we have two AC WORKS® brand products that can fix that: S10301430-018 to go from a 4-prong dryer to a 3-prong outlet, and S14301030-018 to go from a 3-prong dryer to a 4-prong outlet.

There are many possibilities to consider when renovating or getting electrical outlets installed. Depending on your hobbies, what you own, or the age of your home, you can do just about anything. Rather than renting additional space, saying “no” to that Tesla you have always wanted, or abandoning a hobby because of your current electrical hookups, say “yes” and stay connected with AC WORKS® brand electrical adapters!

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