CarGenerator™ with AC WORKS® Inlet Adapters

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Welcome back as we continue to dive into the world of the CarGenerator™ and AC WORKS®. Many people already own big heavy generators with an inlet box to match. Now seeing that the CarGenerator™ is easier to use, you might not use those generators anymore. Still, you want it to feed into the inlet box that you have conveniently installed outside of your home.

Because the car generator has household connections, you will need to adapt to your inlet's configuration. This is possible with the help of AC WORKS® brand inlet box adapters. Inlet boxes for emergency power come in a few different configurations.

This video will go over the most common inlet boxes in use today and how easily you can get power into your home. Come back next time as we begin to dive deeper into what else you can use the CarGenerator™ for. Thank you CarGenerator™ and thank you for watching! 

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