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AC WORKS® Brand is a reliable and durable power connection product.  We want our customers to have the very best customer experience when shopping for our products.  Although we do have our own shop AC Connectors, we will never discourage you from buying our products on your favorite shopping channel. 

Sometimes buying from another channel can be beneficial to you and your shopping needs.  We have had customers who were unable to get the shipping speed and cost that meets their needs with our website, so we referred them to buy our product on Amazon where they can, as Prime members get overnight shipping for less than five dollars. 

We are in this business to help people and would prefer to find you the best solution even if it means a different marketplace, so we can help you solve your problem. 

Whatever your need is, don’t be afraid to ask us because we may be able to refer you somewhere that will satisfy your request.  We want to offer the customer a more personalized shopping experience and will try to put ourselves in your shoes.  We understand there may be an urgent need for products and it is our mission to help get our products to you as quickly as we possibly can. Depending on your personal shopping preference, budget, or need we have AC WORKS® brand products listed on many markets hoping to satisfy as many customers' needs as we can.   

Most of the marketplaces we offer our products will allow you convenience and save time.  For example, at Walmart’s online marketplace you can grab your groceries and some of our products all in one easy transaction, or at Home Depot if you are working on a project at home, you can purchase the products you need along with some of our extension cords or adapters. 

Here are some of the many benefits outlined for each of the places you can find our products online:

EBAY: Based on your budget eBay allows you to bid on items for sale.  You can also see how trustworthy your seller is, and easily locate the items you are looking for.

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AMAZON: Amazon Prime members receive free 2-day shipping, cheap overnight shipping costs, convenience, and low prices and are the largest online marketplace.

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WALMART: At Walmart, you can have the option to pick up in-store.  They allow you effortless transactions and are the second largest online marketplace.

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HOME DEPOT: With Home Depot you can pick up in-store and if you are a qualified retired military Veteran you can get an additional discount.  Home Depot also offers free shipping with in-store pickup. 

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AC WORKS™ BLOG: If you are a subscriber of our AC WORKS® blog you will receive random coupon codes and other subscriber-specific discounts in your inbox during sales, promotions, and sometimes just because we appreciate you.

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AC CONNECTORS:  Our online store sells AC WORKS® brand products always at a discounted price.  It is our process to check orders to our website every 30 minutes ensuring our customers' purchases will ship out the same day, for overnight shipping, it will be on its way quickly.  Product exchange is quick and easy.  There is no return and repurchasing of your items involved.  We will exchange the item and then charge or refund the difference to you. 

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If you would like to know any additional information or have any questions regarding our sales channels and processes, please email customer service so we can help.  Thank you for shopping AC WORKS® brand products.   

Stephanie Junek | Marketing and Brand Manager for Cordtec Power Corp.

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