How to Reduce Voltage Drop With AC WORKS® Products

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

When you are using equipment with a long extension cord, usually 50ft or longer, the voltage rating can drop since the electricity has a longer than the normal distance to travel. It’s usually not significant with lower wattage or lighter duty appliances, but it is much more noticeable with heavier-duty equipment.

To help reduce voltage drop, we created a heavy-duty cable with 12 gauge wire that is normally used with 20 amps and a super duty cable with 10 gauge wire that is normally used with 30 amps. The connections are still just for regular household usage, so the most that will go through here is 15 amps. And then we have a third cable here which is from our competitor. All of these cables are 100 feet long.

One thing to remember is that the more wattage a piece of equipment pulls, the higher the voltage drop will be over a longer distance. This is why having a higher wire gauge is helpful to help reduce it. These cords are great for power tools, yard work, and trickle charging for electric vehicles.

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